Train through Glen Ellyn, 1950

This one-minute clip was copied from an original reel of Kodak film. The movie was taken in the summer of 1950 by Dudley E. Wells (b. 1914) from a Union Pacific streamliner, City of Portland. First segment: the train itself and its crossing of the Mississippi River; second, rolling through Glen Ellyn, Illinois (hometown of R. Wells, b. 1942, who was aboard); third, arriving in Chicago. At this time the Korean War had just started. A note on the train’s British-like use of the left side: the Union Pacific used the tracks of the Chicago & North Western Railway, one “known for running ‘left hand main’ on double track mainlines due to the original placement of stations on the Chicago-bound side.” Wikipedia, Chicago_and_North_Western_Transportation_Company. Accessed 2014.

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